COD Trustee Board Vice-Chair Kathy Hamilton urges colleagues to reject Breuder contract

COD Trustee Board Vice-Chair Kathy Hamilton urges colleagues to reject Breuder contract

from Illinois Review

DuPAGE COUNTY – Wednesday night at a special meeting of the College of DuPage Board of Trustees, the seven board members plan to re-vote outgoing President Robert Breuder’s $762,000 taxpayer-funded retirement package.

Vice-Chairman Kathy Hamilton, the lone opposition vote at last week’s meeting, sent Illinois Review a copy of remarks she plans to make Wednesday night, urging her colleagues to not be Dr. Breuder’s “rubber stamps” and to reject the contract.

Her prepared remarks:

If this majority approves this measure, it will be worse than any rubber stamp I have ever seen.

Because at least rubber stamps don’t pretend to be something they aren’t.

Tonight, we meet – with the brave protestors among us — because the majority and the administration could not find the right way to do the wrong thing.

Last week, they did the wrong thing the wrong way.

Now, they think they have found the right way.

But it is still the wrong thing.

And, I think it is still the wrong way.

Here is why:  In the Tribune this morning, our school could not answer a simple question:

Why were Dr. Breuder’s 2010, January 2011 and July 2011 contract changes done differently?

Answer, from us:  quote – “I do not have an answer for you on this one” – unquote.

I believe this act tonight, in addition to shoveling $760,000 to Dr. Breuder, is also intended to ratify those contract changes.

But no one in the majority has the guts to stand up and say so to the folks who must pick up the tab.

We should fire Dr. Breuder, not reward him.  Look at the circus he has made of the majority paying him off.

Monday’s Tribune editorial and coverage show that Dr. Breuder has already injured the college’s reputation.

He has led cover-ups about tonight’s measure, about his May 2014 email, the fraud at WDCB, his booze tabs at Waterleaf, the tax levy itself, our so-called audits, Her-icane Graphics, and on and on.

Adam Andrzejewski of American Transparency says no government unit has been more resistant to sunlight.

Andrea Alvarez of Citizen Advocacy Center in Elmhurst, says, “They should be giving out as much information as allowed by law.”

You would think Dr. Breuder runs the Central Intelligence Agency.

This stinks to high heaven.  And there are only two kinds of folks about it:  Those who have the guts to say it is wrong – and the silent rubber stamps, in the darkness of Dr. Breuder’s drawer.

I appeal to my fellow trustees – come into the light.

Vote no, end this awful mess, and start a new chapter of respect for taxpayers at College of DuPage.

Thank you.

Government transparency group “Open The Books” filed suit against the trustee board Tuesday, charging them with violating Illinois’ Open Meeting Act during last week’s vote. The group’s founder, Adam Andrzejewski, is calling on interested parties to attend the meeting and plan to “filibuster” the board’s vote by presenting 3-minute protest speeches during the public comment period.