COD critics aim to force Breuder out after election

COD critics aim to force Breuder out after election

by Robert Sanchez | Daily Herald

A move to oust controversial College of DuPage President Robert Breuder — and perhaps “claw back” his $762,868 retirement agreement — is likely to be attempted by Trustee Kathy Hamilton and other critics after next month’s election.

“We need to minimize his influence on the administration and move onto the next chapter,” said Hamilton, a vocal Breuder critic who also made no secret of her interest in gaining the chairmanship of the board.

Hamilton is currently a lone voice on many issues on the seven-member board, but she is backing a three-candidate slate in the election that could suddenly reverse the board’s balance of power.

Even if her slate is unsuccessful at the polls, many other candidates in the 12-member field tend to side with her criticism of Breuder and COD’s financial practices.

She said she believes Breuder, who has a deal with the college to retire in March 2016, should be ousted instead, for cause, with no significant severance payment. She said she believes he should have been dismissed for lack of oversight a year ago when financial irregularities surfaced at the college radio station.

Asked about the possibility that an attempt to oust Breuder without pay could provoke a lawsuit that entwines the college in expensive litigation, Hamilton said, “Let him sue us.

“You have to stand for something,” she said, “and I would like to see him defend this (financial) record.”

Multiple attempts to reach Breuder through a college spokesman were unsuccessful.

Board Chairman Erin Birt, who frequently has clashed with Hamilton, responded to a phone message asking for her views by sending an email to the Daily Herald.

“The board respects the election process and it will not comment on specific campaign platforms,” Birt wrote, “however, the facts are clear that the decision (to adopt the retirement agreement) was voted on twice and passed both times with overwhelming board support.”… (read full)