After snub, COD gets threat that lawmakers plan to cut funds

After snub, COD gets threat that lawmakers plan to cut funds

by Stacy St. Clair | Chicago Tribune

Frustrated by lavish spending and lax financial oversight at the College of DuPage, Illinois lawmakers threatened Thursday to slash funding to the community college after school officials ignored their deadline to agree to a state-run audit.

In response to the perceived snub, state Rep. Jack Franks, D-Marengo, filed a resolution to slash more than $1.5 million from the community college’s annual appropriation. The measure does not specifically mention the audit, but legislators had promised financial retribution if the school did not allow the Illinois auditor general to review its finances.

Lawmakers had given the college’s board of trustees until Wednesday to agree to pay for the audit but received no response. On Thursday, an attorney for the Glen Ellyn-based college said in a letter that school officials were willing to meet with lawmakers to discuss the issue but stopped short of agreeing to the audit.

“I wanted to let them know that I am serious,” Franks said. “I don’t trust them. I’m not going to keep throwing good money after bad.”

Franks’ proposal would cut $1.5 million from the college’s funding — a number that Franks picked because it’s twice the amount of school President Robert Breuder’s recent severance package. The controversial buyout agreement requires Breuder to leave the college next March, three years before his contract ends.

School officials also said Thursday that they had hired a prominent public relations firm to help manage fallout from a series of recent financial scandals…(read full)