COD wants to meet with lawmakers about audit costs

COD wants to meet with lawmakers about audit costs

by Mike Riopell | Daily Herald

College of DuPage officials want a meeting with state lawmakers and Illinois’ top auditor about who will pay for an investigation into the college’s operations.

State lawmakers want the college to pay for the probe after the board gave President Robert Breuder a $763,000 severance package.

The college hasn’t yet approved the expense, which could run as high as $234,000, and COD’s attorney sent a letter to state lawmakers Thursday asking to “discuss the scope, cost and funding parameters of your request.”

The call for an audit has been led by state Rep. Jeanne Ives, a Wheaton Republican, who said legislative leaders won’t advance her legislation authorizing the investigation until the college agrees to pay for it.

Ives said Friday that if the college has enough money to hire a public relations firm to handle the severance package scandal, it has enough money to pay for an audit.

“They’ve got more money than the state at this point,” Ives said. “And they’d better comply.”

If they don’t, Ives said the state could withhold money… (read full)