Winfield Express Endorses Clean Slate

COD: College of DuPlicity

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Editorial from The Winfield Express

What next? When will the scandals end at our out-of-control, taxpayer-funded, two-year trade school? It seems like every week now a good-government group like For the Good of Illinois, or the Edgar County Watchdogs, reveals some new outrage occurring the (closed-eye) watch of the present College of DuPage Board of Trustees.

Now there is the expensive restaurant the College build that does not rain students, but stocks the finest wines for its most frequent and best customer, the College’s own president, Robert L. Breuder, whose bills are paid out of public funds, not his own pocket. It looks like he seldom pays for anything out of any pocket except the taxpayer’s. In addition to his half-million dollar salary, he gets housing and car allowances and so many other payments and perks that even a school superintendent would be too embarrassed to ask for.

All present COD Trustees, except for Kathy Hamilton, have been derelict in their duties to the public. They have refused to modify their practice of not viewing any invoices under $15,000. That has allowed a years-long fraud to continue, and wine to be stocked at Mr. Breuder’s restaurant under the cloak of “instructional supplies.”

Recently, the COD Board refused to meet to consider their need to pay for a state audit demanded by legislators. (They have a history of denying any Higher Power exists at all outside their enclosure, threatening to secede from Glen Ellyn if Village building inspectors tried to do their jobs. What a civics example for the students! Were they afraid their heated sidewalks would not pass muster?)

They refused to allow a group to meet on campus to hear from candidates for the COD Board, although the group had been allowed to do so in the past. They finally relented in the face of legal action. (They are familiar with that; a judge recently had to order them to meet in a room large enough to hold the large crowd of public expected to attend.)

They withhold public records. This newspaper requested a copy of Mr. Breuder’s employment contract, along with everything modifying its terms. But the official reply did not include purported extensions that the College says are what make a $768,000 buyout necessary.
Suspecting that Mr. Breuder’s insistence on waiving the established rules and receiving the title of “Emeritus” contains some hidden benefit costing the taxpayers even more, we asked COD Trustee, Board Secretary, and Winfield resident Allison O’Donnel, for details. That and a second request have been met with silence, raising our suspicions even more. (And Mrs. O’Donnell is loyal: she cast the deciding vote to confer Mr. Breuder’s name on a certain structure, the first time a building that rains cops has been named after a robber.)

None of them deserve re-election. The “Clean Slate” endorsed by Mrs. Hamilton (Charles Bernstein, Frank Napolitano, and Deanne Mazzochi) must be elected to set things right again.