The Clean Slate, at ballot positions 6, 7 and 8, will reform the College of DuPage. It will end the Breuder era of corruption and institute reforms based on openness, transparency and inclusion. COD reform trustee Kathy Hamilton backs the Clean Slate. Together, Charles Bernstein, Frank Napolitano, Deanne Mazzochi and Kathy Hamilton will make a new majority on the COD board – that will be accountable to you, all taxpayers and students.

Clean Slate positions:

  • Re-orient COD to put taxpayers and students at the forefront of all decisions.
  • Claw back as much of President Breuder’s $763,000 as legally possible.
  • Take President Breuder’s name off the planned Homeland Security building.
  • Strictly review President Breuder’s performance, take appropriate action.
  • End the President’s open tab at the Waterleaf bar and restaurant.
  • End the “freebie culture” of fois gras and fine wine at taxpayer expense for trustees and staffers at Waterleaf.
  • Cease tuition and tax hikes for at least two years.
  • End COD’s reserve policy of banking more than $150 million of taxpayers’ hard-earned money.
  • Make peace with the faculty, rededicate the administration to its support role for COD’s educational mission.
  • Establish a new reserve policy with input and discussion from the entire community.
  • End insiderism and the hundreds of millions of dollars COD pays in no-bid or sole-source contracts.
  • End political activity on campus, such as the “COD PAC,” that pushed the $175 million 2010 bond referendum, and inappropriately raised money from COD contractors to do so.
  • Institute strict disclosure procedures for all contracts, bids and official business items moving to and through the board.
  • Create a web-based “Virtual Board Packet” for citizens to see all public items coming before the board, and supporting documentation, when the trustees do.
  • Assist residents in gaining information about the college, end Dr. Breuder’s war on the Freedom of Information Act.
  • Livestream all board meetings, regular and special, on the COD website.
  • Put COD’s checkbook online.
  • Hold regular Community Forums, to provide taxpayers, students and residents opportunities to address the board directly on topics of their choosing, in addition to public comment at board meetings.